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Birthday Gift by MusicalxKitten Birthday Gift :iconmusicalxkitten:MusicalxKitten 2 2 Fire Lady by MusicalxKitten Fire Lady :iconmusicalxkitten:MusicalxKitten 2 0 Lily and Anthony Q  A by MusicalxKitten Lily and Anthony Q A :iconmusicalxkitten:MusicalxKitten 1 2 Q And A #1 by MusicalxKitten Q And A #1 :iconmusicalxkitten:MusicalxKitten 1 0 Water Lord by MusicalxKitten Water Lord :iconmusicalxkitten:MusicalxKitten 1 3 My First Collab by MusicalxKitten My First Collab :iconmusicalxkitten:MusicalxKitten 6 1 A Brush Fixed With Love - Page 12 by TamarinFrog A Brush Fixed With Love - Page 12 :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 625 116 A Brush Fixed With Love - Page 11 by TamarinFrog A Brush Fixed With Love - Page 11 :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 471 53 A Brush Fixed With Love - Page 5 by TamarinFrog A Brush Fixed With Love - Page 5 :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 562 125 A Brush Fixed With Love - Page 4 by TamarinFrog A Brush Fixed With Love - Page 4 :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 531 86 A Brush Fixed With Love - Cover by TamarinFrog A Brush Fixed With Love - Cover :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 556 32 One Does Not Simply Choose by TamarinFrog One Does Not Simply Choose :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 3,638 610 A Brush Fixed With Love - Page 3 by TamarinFrog A Brush Fixed With Love - Page 3 :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 608 314 A Brush Fixed With Love - Page 2 by TamarinFrog A Brush Fixed With Love - Page 2 :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 508 89 A Brush Fixed With Love - Page 1 by TamarinFrog A Brush Fixed With Love - Page 1 :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 555 65 Cupcake Delivery Service by TrombonyPonyPie Cupcake Delivery Service :icontrombonyponypie:TrombonyPonyPie 868 219


All the works shown are from artists like TamarinFrog who are a big inspiration.
Feel free to check them out, I assure you might be interested in what they have to offer!

My lovelies

Light Blue Rose Bullet by JEricaM:iconmusicalxkitten::iconalyssatheanamatronic::iconnull: Light Blue Rose Bullet by JEricaM
Light Blue Rose Bullet by JEricaM:iconnull::iconnull::iconnull: Light Blue Rose Bullet by JEricaM

Code by StormyDrawsStuff

Newest Deviations

~Ask Anthony and Lily #2~ by XxSquidInkXx ~Ask Anthony and Lily #2~ :iconxxsquidinkxx:XxSquidInkXx 0 0 (( GIFT ANIMATION ICON I THINK? )) Lily by XxSquidInkXx (( GIFT ANIMATION ICON I THINK? )) Lily :iconxxsquidinkxx:XxSquidInkXx 1 0 Anthony (( ANIMATED ICON TEST 1 )) by XxSquidInkXx Anthony (( ANIMATED ICON TEST 1 )) :iconxxsquidinkxx:XxSquidInkXx 0 0 !!Shaman Buddies!! by XxSquidInkXx !!Shaman Buddies!! :iconxxsquidinkxx:XxSquidInkXx 8 0 Collaboration B by XxSquidInkXx Collaboration B :iconxxsquidinkxx:XxSquidInkXx 2 4 Welcome~ by XxSquidInkXx Welcome~ :iconxxsquidinkxx:XxSquidInkXx 0 0 ( SPLATOON OC ) Sakura 2K17 by XxSquidInkXx ( SPLATOON OC ) Sakura 2K17 :iconxxsquidinkxx:XxSquidInkXx 3 0 ( Animal Jam ) Lpscupquake by XxSquidInkXx ( Animal Jam ) Lpscupquake :iconxxsquidinkxx:XxSquidInkXx 6 3 (OC ART) Sad Doggo by XxSquidInkXx (OC ART) Sad Doggo :iconxxsquidinkxx:XxSquidInkXx 1 18 (EDIT) LPS EDIT A by XxSquidInkXx (EDIT) LPS EDIT A :iconxxsquidinkxx:XxSquidInkXx 0 2 (SPLATOON)Spoopy Doodle??? by XxSquidInkXx (SPLATOON)Spoopy Doodle??? :iconxxsquidinkxx:XxSquidInkXx 2 27 (MLP OC) Astraea by XxSquidInkXx (MLP OC) Astraea :iconxxsquidinkxx:XxSquidInkXx 8 3 adjhgksk by XxSquidInkXx adjhgksk :iconxxsquidinkxx:XxSquidInkXx 3 8 Smol Squib~ by XxSquidInkXx Smol Squib~ :iconxxsquidinkxx:XxSquidInkXx 5 16 Random Doodle :P by XxSquidInkXx Random Doodle :P :iconxxsquidinkxx:XxSquidInkXx 4 73 (Chibi Art) Mika by XxSquidInkXx (Chibi Art) Mika :iconxxsquidinkxx:XxSquidInkXx 6 18
Cactus Glass Terrarium by raionxdesu Welcome by Dri-Bee

Plants are cool. I like Aloe Vera
We would always have the plant in our house
As a kid, I would rub the fresh aloe on my arms
I pretended that it was exotic medicine
And that I was a cool doctor
The aloe was great to have around when I got burned.

Info And Status button - Free to use by ElectriCookie
Full Body - 10 :points:
I'll tell your crush you like them for you - 3 :points:
Wallpaper - 5 :points:

Simple String Divider by mechanical-hands
Pink Cross Bullet by SukiieFull body commission for blankperson - Unpaid Button by RoyalBlackheart
Pink Cross Bullet by SukiieCrush confession for blankperson - Unpaid Button by RoyalBlackheart
Pink Cross Bullet by SukiieWallpaper commission for blankperson - Unpaid Button by RoyalBlackheart
Simple String Divider by mechanical-hands

Commissions - pink by Sukiie Open - pink by Sukiie
Collabs - pink by Sukiie Ask Me - pink by Sukiie

Terarriums by raionxdesu Pink Cross Bullet by Sukiie Teeny Plants by PastellPrince
Window by kicked-in-teeth Pink Cross Bullet by Sukiie pink plant pot by PurpelyPip Pink Cross Bullet by Sukiie Pink Cross Bullet and Status Buttons by Sukiie

pink plant pot / f2u by PurpelyPip




XxSquidInkXx's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

Yes hello I'm a person.
I'm kinda dead, so um, please repeat at the sound of the beep. Beeeeeeeeep...
:iconmusicalxkitten: is my child, don't touch her or you'll be attacked by the weakling I call myself.
♡ Anthony x Lily forever ♡
Ahah, so I see you're getting bored. Alrighty then, shall I entertain you with very unimportant information? Yes I shall.
Ahem, I'm in the range of 11-15 years old, my birthday is October 14th, and I draw a ton of ship art...
That's pretty much it, eh?
I guess so..
I don't need a lot of friends, all I need is my child to stay alive and living. ♡

D : Winter Sweet Roses by AngelicHellraiser

Coding by Coding-by-Fiona.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


Please go check her out! She's an amazing artist and is wonderful at backgrounds!! <33
Hello everyone, Musical here. Now some of you may be wondering, " Why is she typing this?" My answer?.. I got bored XD. Anyways! I have created some backgrounds and I was wondering if you guys want me to post them for uses or just postage. Yes I can't make this decision because I'm to lazy. 

If you guys do say yes and do end up using them for backgrounds, please give me credit. It took me a while to make them and I don't want them to be claimed as someone else's art.

Let me know what I should do in the comments, and leave suggestions on what art to make next. I love to hear everyone's ideas. Just don't let it be anything bad, for I am trying to keep my art as kid friendly as possible.

Side note- Please leave criticism on any of my art. If it's mean I don't care. it'll still help me grow as an artist. ( I can't draw real life style, so don't give me criticism on that )

Have a good night! ~MusicalxKitten
~Ask Anthony and Lily #2~
This is my part of the Q and A that my friend :iconmusicalxkitten: has created. Please note that I have only answered question 2, as question 3 will be done soon. We'd love for you to ask some questions, as we are quite curious to see what you have to offer. <sub wytiwyg="1">
Hello folks! Today I'd like to advertise a Q and A ( or was it Q and D??? I have no idea.. xd ) The characters are Lily and Anthony ( Lily belongs to MusicalxKitten, Anthony belongs to me )

Link: Lily and Anthony Q  A
Unfinished Drawing
Just a random drawing of my OC, Anthony. I was too lazy to finish, so I kept the result as it was.

I might give more info of him once I make a reference sheet, haha.
For :iconmusicalxkitten:

I know, I went lazy, it's because I'm sick, and I'm like, tired, so ehhhhh xP

I hope you loaf it friendo

Please dooooo
Anthony (( ANIMATED ICON TEST 1 ))
aaaa, this was my first time making an animated icon!!
I'm still improving, so it's okayyyy ;w; 

light cherry blossom I'm working on an icon for :iconmusicalxkitten: because I dunno,, I draw a lot of stuff for her anywayyy light cherry blossom 

Purple heart bullet/emote Program used was Paint Tool Sai. Purple heart bullet/emote 
Pink heart bullet/emote Canvas size was 50x50 Pink heart bullet/emote 
Purple heart bullet/emote And lastly, brush used was binary~ Purple heart bullet/emote 
Pink heart bullet/emote Settings for binary: Salmon heart bullet/emote 
Size: 1
Min size: 0%
Opacity: 100%
Algorithm: Accurate
Color Picker: Normal
Hard < - > Soft: 200

!!Shaman Buddies!!
aaaa, what's better than not drawing transformice? Drawing transformice but with your best friend in it!!!

Left: Me

Right: :iconmusicalxkitten:
Collaboration B

Thankie :iconmusicalxkitten: for doing this collab, it's su beautiful :'oo

LEFT: :iconxxsquidinkxx: RIGHT: :iconmusicalxkitten:

We have created lovely flower children,  yES WE HAVE

( My OC is doggo thou, Hooman is more beautiful <3 )

Plez enjoy this art 
( SPLATOON OC ) Sakura 2K17
So, if you were here when I began DA, you'd know I have two Splatoon characters that I drew a lot going by Sakura and Cyan ( Art can be found in Splatoon folder )
I based this art off of this reference:…
I felt like I didn't put too much effort into his concept and final look, so I wanted to make a small doodle. ( Don't worry, he's still gay ;^) 
I will plan on making Cyan, but I felt as if Sakura needed a little makeover :)
( Animal Jam ) Lpscupquake
Yayy I have been revived c:
But I decided to draw my Animal Jam sheep, since I loaf my sheep ;w;
as the title,
I may quit.
It's been recently so difficult for me, considering the fact that I still have tons of requests, and I have school work and projects to finish up. Also, I really don't pay much attention to DA.
But, I'll still post art, but I may not reply to comments. (If I do, then I probably would be available to talk at the time.)
And if you requested something that was due a long time ago, I'm truly sorry. My computer screen did in fact break and mess up the touch screen, so it'll be harder for me to draw. But I will soon get to the requests.
(OC ART) Sad Doggo
First doggo art of my OC, L'amour. 
First artwork from returning ;v;
Hey guys! I have returned! I am very sorry for that random disappearance, I am pretty busy with school and such and couldn't seem to fit DA in my schedule. I will promise to post art as often as I can, because I want to be sure to stay active on here. Yet again, I'm sorry for that! ;w;
Woooooooooooo! First edit!

Time taken: 3 hours, 10 seconds 

My hands fucking hurt jfc




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